This blog is part of a project borne during my travels as a professional photojournalist. For years, I have worked with bulky digital cameras, always mindful of the technical maneuvers from setting the shutter speed and aperture to editing and toning on a computer screen. In the last few years I have discovered that my iPhone has allowed me to capture scenes without feeling that I am once again on the job. To “point and shoot” has been a liberating experience. It has allowed me to rediscover the excitement of seeing imperfections and happy accidents rendered through the lens of my handheld device. I am able to create imagery, edit, and transmit all the images straight to this blog, creating a modern and efficient workflow for the most inefficient of pursuits - self expression. - Benjamin Lowy All Images are copyrighted @Benjamin Lowy


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An evacuated beachhouse. John Sochacki III stands in the remains of his bathroom. Construction crews were at work trying to fix electrical and gas infrastructure. A torn American flag still flies on the union beach pier facing NYC.


Life Post Sandy: Scenes from Union Beach, NJ

It was barely a week ago that New Jersey residents were wading through water. And yet on Thursday, they were cleaning up again, this time digging out of snow. Ben Lowy, on assignment for Tumblr, snapped these shots in Union Beach on Thursday.

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